Top Bitcoin Faucets of 2017 (time version)

If you are looking for a hourly or daily acumulative satoshi faucet the answer is here. This type of faucet give you more satoshis when you claim early, but if you are patient leave a day or more working.

#1 5minbitcoin
You can claim your satoshi after 5 minutes or after days. The value is acumulative. And ther reason that is the first on the list is that you can payout anytime to epay.

#2 sunbtc
One hour working give to you 63 satoshis, but 1 day gives 199 satoshis. The sooner you claim the better. The problem is that you can payout to epay just after claim 20000 satoshis or more.

#3 chronox
It's identical to sunbtc.

#4 timeforbitcoin
This faucet doesn't pay very well. And you need to acumulate 20000 satoshis to withdrawal.

#5 moonbitcoin
The most boring of all faucets here. Doesn't pay well, but you can withdraw to your xapo wallet.

Last update: 01-25-2017